We are not mothers who have begun to sew clothing for their children during the maternity leave and we do not even offer cheap textiles of dubious origin from Asia.

We are two families with four children who enjoy spending time outdoors. We parents are using functional Merino wool sportswear and knowing the benefits of this unique material, we have decided to have the same comfort also for our children. Not only in sports, but also when traveling in a car seat or in a pram, playing or sleeping. Merino wool clothing has so many extraordinary features that it would be a shame to use it only for sports. Our children and children of parents who can appreciate products from the Merino wool, we have decided to bring body t-shirt for children from the Merino wool and the bio cotton.

We proposed and cut our own designs and gave them to skilful Slovak dressmakers. But not everything what we thought could be made of the Merino wool. What was sewed was intensively tried and tested by our own testing team in the composition of David, Júlia and Tomáš, but great thanks also to Pauline and Damian. We have proposed new modifications and every other model was slightly better than the previous one. We did not want to rush anything. Endless improvements have lasted for many months. As the children grew, the multi-coloured body t-shirts “grew” with them. Thanks to the length adjustable sleeves and the extender between the legs, children now do not grow out of the t-shirts so fast and can enjoy them even longer.

Now, after many months of modifications and moving in several blind alleys, we are looking forward to offering you the first-rate piece of clothing elaborated to the last detail we are proud of.

Renata, Gabo, Maťa, Matúš